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  • F o u n d a t i o n  for traditional manufacturing  A p o l d u  de  S u s

    Apoldu de Sus / Grosspold on Wikipedia

    Apoldu de Sus ist situated submountain . Only a few villages are situated higher in the Carpathians mountains like Rod, Tilişca, Poiana, Jina.

    Arrival is possible by car, train or plane. The international airport Sibiu (Hermannstadt) is about 25 km from the village.

    The new motorway A1 is about ca 10 km from Apoldu de Sus

    In the resort and in the immediate vicinity there are several first-class accommodations.

    There are three grocery stores.

    On Sundays there is worship in the Protestant church in the German language and in the Orthodox Church in the Romanian language.