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  • F o u n d a t i o n  for traditional manufacturing  A p o l d u  de  S u s

    In order to fulfill the foundation's purpose, the foundation will primarily perform the following tasks without limiting itself to this:

    Cross-cultural experiences

    Exchange of experiences in executing hand crafts or various professions. To realize this, the foundation will work together with traditional craftsmen and professionals who are recognized as good professionals in their areas of origin which will support the interested in learning the profession through dissemination of theoretical knowledge, and redominantly executing practical work under the care of these professionals.

    Optimistic craftsmen

    We welcome optimistic craftsmen and professionals with patience despite the knowledge of the sometimes difficult situation.

    Advantageous are professions witch are needed in rural location and that can be exercised in a rural location, for finding personal use, or use for the benefit of the local community.

    Strengthen awareness for education, Preserve cultural assets

    Education is worthwhile. A first insight is given by imparting skills.

    The Foundation wishes to strengthen the sense of responsibility of the people for the conservation of traditional crafts, especially the traditional craft techniques and convey working with natural , proper raw materials, produce lasting results, preserve the cultural heritage.

    Meanwhile needy families can be assisted in the education of children, also on education programs which are organized by charitable institutions.

    Joint activities

    Participation in various activities organized by public institutions or by local authorities which have as object benevolent and / or educational activities inclusively promotion of good decorum of the members of the community..

    Cooperation with public institutions , churches or other organizations on activities for integration of some groups of people in community life, whith education and dissemination of knowledge in executing of certain professions to enable them a degree of prosperity to protect them from an unethical life.

    Social responsibilities

    Help seniors in the household as well as their physical , sanitary and psychological support. The Foundation has over the years also following objective in view; the establishment of institutions for the care and support of this group.

    Entering into relations with the local representatives of religious communities and / or local authorities to care for graves.

    Flexible in the region

    If sufficient requirement for the mentioned purpose is not available in Berlin Apoldu de Sus und wenn in anderen Ortschaften Bedarf besteht, and if there is a need in other towns the Support may be extended to other local communities.


    For none of the foundation's objectives and tasks , there exists a legal claim for a physical or legal person.