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  • F o u n d a t i o n  for traditional manufacturing  A p o l d u  de  S u s

    Promotion of handcrafts

    One purpose of the Foundation is to preserve, promote learning and execution of traditional crafts and exchange of experience in a particular craft or profession.

    The Foundation takes forward to provide material support for learning / practicing / performing the handcraft and to ensure the organizational and logistical framework, to encourage knowledge- and experience exchanging and also promote human who learn and practice these crafts.

    The foundation promotes the good understanding between nations, by protecting the cultural heritage of all nationalities and also respect and preserve this heritage.

    Results for a good cause

    The results oft the work of the foundation activities can be donated to social institutions or can be further used to support the foundation's purposes.

    Social engagement

    At the same time, the foundation is committed to the social life of the community for assistance for self-help and support for vulnerable groups.

    The Foundation pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable purposes . She acts selflessly.

    The foundation promotes the good understanding and mutual assistance of local residents in all walks of life, people an families for self-help, in the household, in agriculture, personal / family or religious events or to all occasions of events or festivals of the respective communities.

    The Foundation is committed to the social life, in establishing or supporting institutions for the education of minors, - Kindergarden, craft school, as well as social institutions, home for the elderly or other disadvantaged groups. The foundation takes forward to support needy persons so that they can live a decent and dignified life.

    The Foundation will keep the memory of the ancestors in honor and will be involved in the maintenance of cemeteries.

    The Foundation can execute any other activity if this has a similar character as the above and if this is closely related to the main purpose of the foundation.